The way back on Vasisth Road – Manali

A small cozy UNNAMED restora on the way back on Vasisth Road, Manali.

restaurant near vasisht

Guys…if u want to have a Delicious nd fantastic Gujarati feel in your lunch or dinner
Go to this restora situated on the RIGHT side on the ascending road to restaurant near vasisht.

The interesting thing about the restora  is that the restora is so small…smaller then our room…
and it is handled by a BENGALI OWNER. He is a short height black and bald man.
But whatever he makes in dishes is like wowww……
Paratha…khichdi…sukibhaji…everything….is fantastic.
3 degree thandi ho aur garmagaram khichdi kadhi …..

aaay haay…uska maza hu kuch aur hai….

Courtesy : Manthan Kanani


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