Street Photography tips

We have sorted out some of the peaks for street photography for beginners and intermediates. These are some general street photography tips. You can also have your own version of it.

street photography tips

1 ) Always carry a camera with you.
2 ) Buy books, not gear.
3 ) The best camera bag in street photography is no camera bag.
4 ) When shooting digital, it is better to unexpose than overexpose
5 ) Shoot as if each day were your last.
6 ) One camera, one lens is bliss.
7 ) Grain is beautiful, noise is ugly.
8 ) How to become a better editor : don’t upload photos to social media for a year.
9 ) Great photography projects generally take at least 5-10 years.
10 ) Bokeh in street photography is overrated. Shoot at f8-16
11 ) A street photograph without emotion is dead.
12 ) When it comes to editing, remember to “kill your babies.”
13 ) How to improve your framing : don’t crop for a year.
14 ) How to become a better editor : don’t upload photos to social media for a year.
15 ) Shoot from the gut, edit with the brain
16 ) Telling the truth isn’t the job of a street photographer
17 ) After taking a photo of a stranger, make it a rule to look at them, smile, and say thank you.
18 ) Don’t make photos. Make connections.
19 ) The best place to shoot street photography isn’t New York, Tokyo, or Paris. The best place to shoot is your backyard.
20 ) See your scenes with your eyes and shoot with your heart.
21 ) Don’t just look at photos, read into them.
22 ) The photos you decide not to show are more important than the photos you decide to show.
23 ) Spend 99% of your time editing your photos (choosing your best images) and only 1% of your time post processing them.
24 ) A single photo can’t tell a story (it doesn’t have a beginning, middle, or an end). Only photo series or projects can do that.
25 ) Street photography is applied sociology with a camera.