Moulin Oza

moulin oza

Moulin Oza is 22 years old freelance photographer from Mumbai, India and pursuing final year of Masters in Mass Communication (specialized in journalism).

Your experience in Photography field?

My experience in the field of photography has now been of 5 years. It started back in 2009 when I just discovered the use of mobile camera phone (Nokia 3600) which could be supplemented also to click the things in and around you rather than taking selfies and photographs of friends and closed allies. After taking few shots though distorted quality of photographs from a mobile phone camera, I switch to Nikonv Coolpix S230, point-n-shoot camera which further fuelled my passion to capture the silent beauty of the nature and some distinct people that exist in our surrounding whom we see every day. In 2012 I switch to a SLR, Cannon 550D which again gave me a reason to capture details of the subject I wish to click with improved mechanism and great detailing, thus helped me to recognized the subject I was much more interested in, i.e Human Potraits and Street Life and now I am specialized in Street Photography and Human Being. That’s the sole area of interest of mine in photography and currently pursuing it.

Is Photography your family profession / hobby?

Its whole and sole a hobby discovered and enhanced over the brief period of time.

moulin oza photography

Which type of photography you like the most?

When I started photography, I captured each and everything which my naked eyes could see. Be it nature, surroundings, animals, peoples, man-made things, environment etc. But as I started pursuing my hobby with passage of time, I discovered that I am developing an interest in particular form/type of photography, which gave me immense pleasure and that was Street Life and human habitats, and in course of the time I started cultivating my this interest and so far have captured human beings on road and their daily chores. Because human being is the storehouse of varied emotions which can be captured well on lens, if you know what and when to captured. Street Photography is the type of photography I enjoy the most and feel accomplish on capturing it.

Your unforgettable photography experience or any special story.

Everything that you experience at some or other place at point of time which makes you feel good and forget the outside world for a while is a special story. But as every person has something different to say about his/her experience, so do I have something to say. One of journey to rural village of Solapur and Satara back in 2012 was life changing experience, where I discovered and tried enhancing my hobby of Street Photography. This trip gave me the freedom to click abundance of people whom I met during the journey and gave me the reason for why I should and will pursue Street Photography in future. The emotion, innocence, truthfulness and no-greediness seen on this faces made me a part of them and influenced me to click them at their personal best without them being noticed. The candid photography gave me some really good shots which remains best of my clicks till date, and made me pursue it till date with full dedication and truthfulness. The Nautanki (street performing group) of one of the village which I capture then on my lens, made me realized the reality and how it’s really simple to deal with it if you have the faith in heart. I loved capturing them and it holds special regards in my term as a photographer till date, because it gave me the subject of lifetime for clicking photographs.

mouline oza photography 2

Your own words about your self & your passion.

About me, all I would say is I am a guy who has being in love with small small joys of life. For me achievement never mattered but the joy of putting the efforts and seeing those efforts succeeding has always being the thing that mattered. In all I am a simple guy with a vision and has the faith to turn that vision into a reality. My passion for photography is like worship. I respect my passion and try each and every time to improve it with continued learning and practice. I believe there is always something or the other to learn as life is a learning process and would love to be a learner all my life. Photography gives me high which no other hobby or passion of mine has able to give me. It gives me the sense of accomplishment each time I click and share with people to spread a awareness-sort of among people I know regarding the persistence of such things in our society which we all tend to ignored in day to day life, but are a matter of concern at some point. Passion gives the reason to keep it going no matter what and yes photography gives me the same kind of feeling. Keep on capturing every time you get a chance, because photography is all about that one moment which we certainly tend to lose if not sensed it.

mouline oza photography 3

What are your other interests?

Reading, Music , Travelling , Good Food , Interaction with new people.


Beautiful mind can see the beauty of nature – Jayanta Deb

jayanta deb

Jayanta Deb is 25 years old Candid & Nature Photography enthusiast from Silchar , India

Your experience in Photography field.

At the beginning I used to do photography with my simple mobile camera and in fact I got a prize also in one of the photo which really boosted up my passion and then I went for a point and shoot camera which i borrowed from my friend and was taking it very seriously, after some days I went for my first DSLR the NIKON D3100 and after that i started studying online about many things of how to make my photography more better both with camera and post processing and still I’m learning it.

Is Photography your family Profession / Hobby?

My father was a very good artist and he too loved to take photos with those reel cameras and it’s a hobby and as well as passion for me. Photography is my life’s best gift i ever got from God.

Candid & Nature Photography 1

Which type of Photography you like the most?

I always like Landscape Photography, Candid and Street Photography.

Your unforgettable Photography experience or any special story.

Me and my friends went to Meghalaya tour on august 2012 for photography. It was just fun and was a great experience to learn many things from each other and while coming back to hotel, looking at each other’s photos and discussing on them. It was simply a best photo tour ever. It was not only a photo tour we got a great adventure in addition to that.

Candid & Nature Photography 2

Your own words about yourself & your passion.

I always like the colors of nature and always try to show my viewers the other side of nature’s beauty with my photography. I never mind to go anywhere if i know that i am going to have a good view of nature and will be able to capture it. I love to roam in different places and capture those moments and to meet new people at the same time.

Candid & Nature Photography 3

Tips and Suggestions to our members related to your subject.

I don’t think I am a great personality to give any one tip on photography. But yes I can say that try to be genuine from heart, which only can bring yourself into your passion because if you have a beautiful mind then you may see the beauty of nature and other things which other people cannot see and indeed this is the work of a photographer.

Candid & Nature Photography 4

What are your other interests?

Other than photography, in general i don’t like to do anything. But yes I like to read different books on technical stuffs and like to do programming on computers.


Street Photography tips

We have sorted out some of the peaks for street photography for beginners and intermediates. These are some general street photography tips. You can also have your own version of it.

street photography tips

1 ) Always carry a camera with you.
2 ) Buy books, not gear.
3 ) The best camera bag in street photography is no camera bag.
4 ) When shooting digital, it is better to unexpose than overexpose
5 ) Shoot as if each day were your last.
6 ) One camera, one lens is bliss.
7 ) Grain is beautiful, noise is ugly.
8 ) How to become a better editor : don’t upload photos to social media for a year.
9 ) Great photography projects generally take at least 5-10 years.
10 ) Bokeh in street photography is overrated. Shoot at f8-16
11 ) A street photograph without emotion is dead.
12 ) When it comes to editing, remember to “kill your babies.”
13 ) How to improve your framing : don’t crop for a year.
14 ) How to become a better editor : don’t upload photos to social media for a year.
15 ) Shoot from the gut, edit with the brain
16 ) Telling the truth isn’t the job of a street photographer
17 ) After taking a photo of a stranger, make it a rule to look at them, smile, and say thank you.
18 ) Don’t make photos. Make connections.
19 ) The best place to shoot street photography isn’t New York, Tokyo, or Paris. The best place to shoot is your backyard.
20 ) See your scenes with your eyes and shoot with your heart.
21 ) Don’t just look at photos, read into them.
22 ) The photos you decide not to show are more important than the photos you decide to show.
23 ) Spend 99% of your time editing your photos (choosing your best images) and only 1% of your time post processing them.
24 ) A single photo can’t tell a story (it doesn’t have a beginning, middle, or an end). Only photo series or projects can do that.
25 ) Street photography is applied sociology with a camera.