SanDisk shows a gigantic 1TB SD card

Remember when Western Digital unveiled massive 512 GB SD card 2 years back in Photokina2014?? And guess what, Western digital and San-disk are here with a prototype of 1TB SD card at Photokina 2016. In 16 years, this company went from 64 MB card to 1 TB cards. Not bad though.

1TB SD card

This is just a prototype and still not available to normal consumer market. This card is particularly designed to meet the storage issues for high resolution images and videos. Current technologies like virtual touring, 360 degree capturing and action cameras eat a lot of space.

These kinds of high leaps in storage capacity also come with a threat to loose so much of data at the same time. It’s also big thing to worry about card being corrupted which can lead to a huge data loss. We haven’t heard anything about the pricing of this card yet.

Article by: Vivek Maru