Take care of your camera in cold

Take care of your camera in cold image

Take care of your camera in cold atmosphere.
The amount of cloths we wear while going out in a sparkling cold weather is incredible. Your camera and other gear needs that too. We are about to talk how to make your gear works effortlessly in cold weather just like we did for a human body in this article.

Going outdoor and Back indoor :

Digital cameras now a days are tough but still working with them in minus degree temperature is little tough. Some precautions are needed to be taken.

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Airtight bags works like a charm in cold weather. When going out and coming back, put you camera and lenses in an airtight bag which will prevent the sudden change in temperature for your gears. This will prevent condensation happening on your gears. If available, use dry bags like the one in malls. They do a better job. Silica gel balls in airbag can also help in this situation.

Using these will give your camera a little time to settle up with temperature and these things make sure that temperature of your gear increases as gradually as possible. Sudden change and condensation can harm your sensors and other electronics in your device.

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Spare batteries :

You might have noticed that batteries are not performing as expected in cold. Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with them, it’s the weather that is affecting the performance.
A cold battery cannot push out as much electricity as a warm one so the amount of time your batteries will last becomes smaller. In this case, spare batteries are saviors. Here is a trick for them : Put your extra batteries in the warmest part of your jacket which keeps it warm and helps in better performance. The same thing with your dead batteries, take them out from your gear and put them in to the same warmest place for some time and put them back in camera. Surprise Surprise! Yes, it regains some amount of energy and ready to use again.

Don’t drop your camera :

Nobody drops their camera intentionally, I know. But holding a camera in cold weather is tough because of gloves and some other accessories. There are high chances that you accidently drop your camera and come back with a bad news. In cold weather, Plastics are also easily breakable so the chances of breaking your camera body increases. To avoid this, Make sure you are using neck or wrist straps all the time.

Article by: Vivek Maru