Canon 5DM4 – Hands on


Canon 5DM4

Canon 5DM4 – Hands on review

The canon 5D series is undoubtedly one of the most recognized and digitized camera series in photography world. Canon released one of its latest additions 5D Mark 4 and out team got hands on this amazing camera at Photokina 2016. So here is what we thought about the camera Canon 5DM4.

Let’s first talk about the Key specifications.

  • 30.4 MP full frame sensor with 7fps.

  • Digic 6+ image processor

  • 3.2” ouch screen for stills and video focusing.

  • DCI 4k video shooting at 30 fps.

  • 61 autofocus points (41 cross points)

  • Built in Wi-Fi and NFC

Canon 5DM4 is much of a similar to its predecessor 5DM3 physically. There are not so many changes in body but it got some amazing upgrades under the hood. Upgrades include a 30.4 MP sensor with Dual pixel autofocus system, better ISO performance and better dynamic range. The autofocus system of 61 points is taken from company’s flagship sport series camera 1DX M2. This increases the vertical coverage of sensor by 24% in comparison to M3.

Canon 5DM4

In terms of auto focus system, this camera is a big deal because it’s the same AF system from 1DX. If not identical then quite similar. This camera can continuously focus in a live view mode for a still capture. Also, it got an intelligent face recognition system so that even if you move your camera after focusing, it will still hold the focus on the face and that too in live view mode. Isn’t it great?

Let’s talk about the “Dual pixel raw”.

It is one hack of feature that allows you to adjust the sharpness of your photograph even after clicking the photograph in post processing. What it actually does is, it will capture two different raw files with two different perspectives. Imagine how you will see a scenario with each of your eyes closed one by one. That’s exactly what the camera does with dual pixel autofocus. It is a micro to mini adjustment. It can increase the sharpness of your eye ball from eye lashes. But if you are expecting that it will adjust the sharpness from eye ball to nose tip then no. Not gonna happen.

When we had our hands on 5DM4, I actually expected a little bit of lag while shooting in dual pixel raw. But surprisingly no lag, no buffer, nothing at all. Smooth criminal I say.

Talking about Dynamic range, it got some great upgrades regarding pulling out shadows like 2 step increase. Also in ISO performance, the upgrade is pretty good with amount of noise at higher ISO. We are still trying to get the final results for dual pixel raw using post process and you will soon be able to see some final jpeg from photokina.

As I believe, from all the aspects, 5DM4 is a worthy upgrade form 5DM3.

Article by: Vivek Maru