Photographing people gives the biggest happiness – Sonia Sharma

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Sonia Sharma is a professional photographer from Bangalore & been here on planet from last 27 years. love the life, try to enjoy it in every possible sense, love theatre & love photography. by the way it happened just BY CHANCE..but no chance of leaving it now.

Photography – Why and How?

Why, how and where – that I don’t remember exactly. As far as I remember, 4 years ago one of my friend bought a DSLR (it was the time of boom in DSLR sales ! You could literally see people around you buying and using it. Not sure of the 2nd part though !) So yes, like others I also got interested in this piece of technology. Exploration started,experiments and practice led to better and better clicks. Gradually developed the love for this process of ‘clicking and capturing the moments’. And yes, that was my encounter with photography !

Let’s just say that when you stop loving ‘getting-yourself-clicked’ on trips and start loving ‘clicking others or the place’. Then you may say that you have started liking the practice of ‘clicking-photographs’ For me, its true. I used to like getting myself clicked on any and every vacation/trip, but there came a moment when I hardly cared about clicking my photo, not even one and was busy clicking others… In this process, would like to thank my friend Inder, who literally taught me the real-basics of it (during my amateur phase).. All those friends who motivated me to continue this hobby of mine (esp. Ekta Mahajan) Thank You. All those who have been with me as my guides and teachers (Dipayan, Sharif, Kenuit) Thanks to you all. And to my family, friends and colleagues – who help me continue with this hobby by appreciating the pieces clicked and uploaded by me on social media websites!

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 Any person or experience that brought you close to photography?

Though I was always a lover of people-watching..I could always sit in my balcony for hours and hours or at my terrace for hours to watch people. And do nothing! Probably, that was a hint that I love watching people and hence clicking them, sometimes clicking with them first and later clicking them. For me, photography started 4 years ago, but yes it was on and off type. I used to get into it as and when I got time. My sister Jyoti has always been my model I used to click her various types of poses. From there, when I took it seriously (as in falling in real love with photography), I also don’t remember. But yes, if I have to mark it, then it has to be my 2014 trip of Ladakh where I went mad in clicking photos and photos and photos…after I came back, when I saw a reservoir of around 4k photos. I got the confidence that yes I am somewhat good with it and should continue it and do it more often. Many people ask me if I will even take it up as a profession, my immediate and clear answer to that is NO. Why? Because I love it so much that I want to keep it as a hobby, it’s a stress-buster for me and if I make it my profession and my work, I am sure it will no more be my stress-buster. I do believe in doing what you love as an earning in life, but I am happy with my profession and very happy to keep photography as my passion! Let me put it this way – I always want to be in love with it that’s why don’t want to make it my profession. It’s just my choice and my opinion.

What is your definition of People Photography? Your perspective and ideas.

I believe that People Photography or putting it in simple terms that clicking with people and clicking them later gives the biggest happiness. A face can speak million words..we just have to see it carefully ! Try doing that, try clicking with people and then try clicking them…you will get great clicks and more importantly. you will experience another kind of attachment with them when you will see their photos in your camera later!

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What matters the most? equipment or experience or none?

I would say – Neither of them! What matter the most is the IDEA and that eye for that ‘wow’ click! According to me, photography literally means the process of taking photographs. Nowhere it says ‘the requirement of any specific equipment’ or a ‘minimum experience’. The best of the clicks can come from an amateur, on the way, travelling somewhere, clicking something from his /her Smartphone…that’s it! Therefore, what you need is just the IDEA of what to capture and the eye-to-details for that ‘WOW’ click. Of course, experience makes you a better photographer with the reduced number of clicks to get that ‘wow’ one! Hence, IDEA and that EYE-FOR-THE-CLICK are the things my friend!

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Which software do you prefer for post processing? or you do not support post processing?

If the idea is to present and showcase everything as raw and natural, then why do we dress-up better when we go out? Or why do we comb or apply make-up. why do we clean our house or get white-wash done (say after a year or so) the answer is – Just so that we become more presentable, to look a bit better. we don’t and we can’t change ourselves entirely, right. In the same way my friend, we can and we should enhance the beauty of our click. But please note that there is a thin line between cleaning the photo/enhancing the beauty/making it more presentable AND fiddling with it/over-dose of post processing, etc. which ruins the real click. Therefore, as long as the essence, the depth, the entire idea of the real/raw click is not getting lost, I am open to the idea of post processing.

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A Word of advice for our amateur photographer friends.

Ohh ..There are many! They are my own on-the-job learnt advice and tricks J

The most important advice – CLICK LIKE A PAINTER! Confused?? Don’t be…continue reading..

By this, I mean that next time when you are about to click, just hang on for 5 seconds… try to picturize the click you want to capture…try to draw it in your mind, just like a painting (keeping in mind what you are seeing in front of you)…and then click !! Now, see the result.

In the course of achieving this, even if you have to wait for 2-3 min to let some people pass off from your frame, then do it…let the current frame convert into what and how you want to see it and capture it finally!!

  • For those who have just started the photography, let me tell you that every day there are 2 golden hours to click anything beautifully! It’s the 1 hour before sun rise and one hour after the sunset..that is the time when you can capture the real beauty..Try clicking anything during this time, you may get the golden-orange touch in every click of yours..

Let me share one of my clicks of 1 hour before sun rise (Photo 1_Before sunrise)

  • Always remember that your first 1000 photos will more or less be a trash…till you get a real good click. The aim should be to reduce the number of photos till you get that bang-on photo and that will surely happen with experience.
  • Given by my photographer friend/college senior – Always showcase your best work in front of audience…you may click trash…that is just for you to see…ALWAYS show your best WORK as a photographer ! (Thanks Dipayan J !)
  • Yes, ‘LIKES’ on social networking websites are an important source of motivation, but don’t just click and upload there for the sake of getting more and more ‘likes’. If you can share your best work with people and make them happy or touch their heart in any way through your photography, that’s it! That should be your ultimate aim

Hope, you will follow some of the advices or tips given by me and can get some great clicks !

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