Every little object can be framed to become a great photograph – Sanjoy Mahajan

sanjoy mahajan

Sanjoy Mahajan is  25 years old freelance photographer form Calcutta, India  and working as an Application Engineer. Here we will be talking about his Landscape photography skills.

What is your experience in the field of photography?

Photography has been my hobby since I was 16 years old. I had Kodak kb10 camera. Then I bought a LG km10 that have 2mega pixels. So I had captured so many pictures with that mobile camera. In 2008 my father bought me a Samsung digital camera. Then I came to know why specialized camera is required to take photo. In digital camera I like to take landscape and macro photos. I am nature lover. I am very lucky that my job also support me to travel to some very good places like Shillong, Assam, Tejpur, Ravangla. I like to travel each and every place in India to explore more. I like to take it as hobby, not profession.

Is Photography your family profession / Hobby?

No. My brother likes photography

sanjoy mahajan photography

Which type of Photography you like the most?

I like to take landscape and macro photography. Sometime I like to capture candid pictures. I like macro photography the most because it can show the unseen beauty of a simple object.

Your unforgettable Photography experience or any special story?

When I had visited zero point, that place was just splendid. I took some photo with my digital camera.

Your own words about yourself & your passion.

Photography is all about inspiration for me. When I had digital camera I like to take very close up pictures but I could not. At that time I had planned to buy DSLR with my own money. When I got my DSLR, I did not have word to explain that moment. Every weekend I used to go out for photography to a new place. It gives me happiness.

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Tips/Suggestions to our members related to your subject.

Every little object can be framed to become a great photograph. We have to open our eyes to see the beauty of nature. Keep clicking.

What are your other interests?

I like to travel, all over India. I would like to visit Kashmir, Kanyakumari, Sri-Lanka and Andaman specially.