Pulse – Your Camera, Upgraded

Pulse – the most powerful way to control your camera from your smartphone.

pulse - your camera, upgraded

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is not a new phenomenon now days. There are plenty of DSLRs in market that comes with this functionality. The question is, Are they really useful and up to the mark? Battery draining, short distance range, dedicated network issues. Nope, they are not helping.

Pulse from Alpine Labs is here to amaze you with all the advantages you were seeking in a remotely connected DSLR application. The new Pulse control plugs into USB port of your DSLR and gives full control over the camera. A dedicated iOS and android application makes the task way easy. This device supports number of Canon and Nikon cameras.


The connector looks pretty slick with flat rectangle and rounded corner design. The blue strip around the device makes it more attractive. The device uses Bluetooth LE technology to connect to iOS and android devices which provided operation range of 100 feet.

Once plugged in, the device is much like a high end remote control that allows you to control ISO, shutter speed, aperture settings. Additionally device allows you to preview taken photos so that you can have a track of what is happening in front of camera. Pretty handy feature I say!!

In addition, Pulse allows you to start and stop video from app itself. Also it triggers camera at certain interval for time-laps shooting. Advanced time-lapse options include controls like exposure ramping to adjust ISO and shutter speed when capturing day-to-night transitions.


The app can control 3 cameras at a time for multi-angle shooting. Design and UI of the app looks prettyvcool and informative. At this time, Pulse can support 60 Canon and Nikon Cameras listed in FAQ section of Kick starter.

Have a look at the Kickstarter video of Pulse.

Source: Kickstarter –  Alpine Labs

Article By : Vivek Maru