Prashar Lake – Manali

Prashar Lake – Manali

20 kilometer steep road from kullu reached you to the heaven…I think its first nd last place of such height i have come across which has motor able road till the end. It is¬†Prashar Lake ¬†Manali.

A lake which has several beliefs nd Holy traditions gives you marvelous looks with different colors according to the seasons…


Prashar Lake Manali


Lake has a small island floating on it… This island is never remains at one place … every time you go it will be at different corner of lake….

People come here and stay in the guest house situated at such majestic height and enjoy the glorious golden Sunrise next morning…..

In summers its lush green giving the lively look to the winters its totally frozen and land covered with 1 feet snow… Looks dead place in winter but still its beauty is mesmerizing……

You can hire jeep or any other SUV vehicle from Manali mall road for Prashar.

Courtesy : Manthan Kanani


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