Photography Cheat Sheet – Camera Basics

Logically there is no shortcut to learn Photography but some set of tips, definitions and graphics can certainly speed up your learning. Here we came up with an interactive Photography Cheat Sheet to make you learn faster.

If you are starting with photography or just recently got your first DSLR then below Photography Cheat Sheets are perfect for you to learn basics of cameras and how all the function works. There are lots of other beginner tutorials out there but this handy thing can be your companion anytime, anywhere.

Below sheet contains some of the examples that can explain theoretical part explained above in previous sheet.

Being a beginner in photography, it is not easy to get perfect exposure even after knowing all the fundamental functions mentioned above in sheets. In that case, Histogram is your best friend. Histogram is the most useful tool in your DSLR and unfortunately it is the least understood by photographers.

histogram cheat sheet

Understanding this useful tool helps you get better exposure and is one of the most important steps to produce some stunning images. Mainly 3 ways you can track exposure by looking at histogram as shown in the sheet. It actually illustrates the ranges of color tones in an image.

More details on histogram understanding are on its way. Stay tuned.


Article By : Vivek Maru