Aman Dhanani


Aman is 21 years old freelance photographer from Bhavnagar, India

Your experience Photography field.

Well I have started (with Sony DSC-hx100v) photography since 2011, so it would be two and half years of experience. I have done workshops on food, sports, fashion and light photography in my college.

My Photos were selected in an exhibition (Theme: A Beautiful World) organized by The Photographic Angle, London exhibited in 2012.

Is Photography your family Profession / Hobby?

Nope, I am the first person with this hobby.

red cake

Which type of Photography you like the most?

I like food photography the most.

What I like to capture are cakes, ice-creams (with syrups especially), continental food, etc. Basically all the types of food.

Your unforgettable Photography experience or any special story.

This unexpected experience happened in December, 2013 while I was on trip to Dunny Islands, Dwarka. There was a flock of Kentish Plovers on the beach in the morning; I had to crawl slowly and steadily for 50m (for 1 hour) without catching their attention and to my utter surprise I was able to go to distance just 6ft away from the Plovers. I was able to capture a variety of photographs in different poses which was worth 1 hour or crawling.

fruit dish

Your own words about yourself & your passion.

I am passionate about food photography, and source of inspiration of food photography are the:

  1. TLC channel and
  2. Photo graphs of David Munns.

I have been a foodie since my childhood, moreover the shows on the TLC channel have had been a great source of inspiration and motivated me to pursue this interest.

Tips and suggestions for our members related to your subject.

When taking food photographs, macro mode always helps.

Food (defocused) in the background enhances the ambience of subject in the photo.

Cherries of chocolate syrup (or any shiny item) should be preferable point of focus.


 What are your other interests?

Despite my inclination towards food photography, I like to explore themes like:

  1. Wildlife
  2. Light
  3. Fashion
  4. Landscape and Streetscapes
  5. Automobiles


Night out at Sugati Resort (Diu-Gujarat)

Night out at Sugati Resort (Diu-Gujarat)

Nightout and CAMPFIRE at the beach of SUGATI RESORT.

It is one of the cleanest beach of Diu. The SUGATI RESORT is situated just at the big enternce gate of Diu.. It is a lonely beach wid some street lights put over Der..

U can have camp fire nd games all the night wid ur Kickkasss friends…


Sugati Resort


The main attracting thing about that beach is the cleaniness nd the fluctuating sounds of waves…sometimes they Roar nd sometimes they get calm… its awsmm…

Wen u go wid friends…it is the best place to spend d night. No one will distrb you…JUST CHILLAXX & ENJOY…..


Sugati Resort


Tips :

Make sure u have a big carpet or 2-3 big carpets as per your number of friends because sometimes there are crabs hidden in the they can hurt you…

Did You Know ?

no one will stop you by going there nd spending a night on the beach..not even the SUGATI RESORT no worry about that.

Courtesy : Manthan Kanani


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NAADIA CAVES (Diu-Gujarat)

NAADIA CAVES (Diu-Gujarat)

Naadia Caves is one of the best thing to visit if u go diu wid family nd friends….(not for oldies)

These are ancient caves made from the sea rocks..

and the yellow wash of these rocks give it an awsmm look at noon.

The caves are situated near to the chowk of diu on entering road on main market. Exact location is not known…because very few people visit these caves..




The best time to visit these caves are 12 pm in noon. Because the caves have holes from the top nd the rest parts are coverd with the rocks nd the roots of trees hanging downwards. So by going at 12pm u will see the SUNLIGHT coming thrugh those holes at 90 degree downwards…

so it will give an amazing look of caves….the rocks nd the other structure will LITRALLY shine at 12pm noon…




Tips : there are total 11 caves connected to each other. And the caves are UNDERGROUND. So must wear Sports shoes.

And secondly its toooo HOT inside there…. so keep drinking water enough with you if are going there for photographic perpose .

I am dam sure that the Photograpy lovers will not leave this place till 3-4 hours once they reach there….Haa Haa Haa….

Courtesy : Manthan Kanani


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Khodiyar Beach (Diu-Gujarat)

Khodiyar Beach (Diu-Gujarat)

Diu is known as the drinking capital of gujarat as per as YOUNGISTAANS are concerned…but…whenever i went to diu i saw it with a new perspective everytime.There are lots of unknown nd hidden natural places which can blow your mind and can give you warmth more than the VODKA…LOLZZZ…..if u visit diu…must visit1)KHODIYAR BEACH.


Khodiyar Beach


how to reach der : take a car of bike and first go to radhika hotel (nagva beach) . now u can see the 2 roads splitting.. one at the end of the beach and the other out of the city which ic behind the Radhika Hotel. So go on the road behind the Radhika . Moving somewhat forward u will see one TUNNEL LIKE STRUCTURE OF BUSHES OF TREES. There is a board written KHODIYAR BEACH. Go there. Park ur wehicle and start walking towards the direction of BROWNISH BLACK ROCKS.


Khodiyar Beach


You can see far away lots of small temples (around 60-70) made with very little space inbetween them in 3-4 rows. Cross these temples. Walk and Walk. Then comes the End.The BREATHTAKING VIEW OF DANGEROUS and DEADLY WAVES of the SEA.Sit there for hours and hours…no one will disturb you as it is a totally lonely beach. One must visit at the sunset time. AWWSMMM VIEW OF SUNSET. IT WAS ONE OF MY BEST EXPERIENCE OF DIU. Must visit.

TIPS : MUST wear SPORTS SHOES because due to the washing of the rocks by the waves the land has become unusual with ups and down that can fracture your leg if not properly walked.

Courtesy : Manthan Kanani

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Pratik Bhatt

pratik bhatt

Pratik Is a freelance photographer and working as Electronics Engineer In Ahmedabad,India.

Your Experience Photography Field.

I have started clicking around 1 year ago. First I started with only a point &shoot camera of sony. In my early days, I started to clicks photos of me and my friends when we go out in tour and also in friend’s marriages. Then in the free time, I started to click local birds from my terrace at morning time.

That some how attracted me towards the bird world and nature. Their activities and behavior I started to observe and enjoy all the moments. I find myself very happy when I go and click their activities.

Then I learned how to operate a DSLR. Bought a DSLR in July 2013 and started to work on field especially on birds only. That was the turn of my life towards the bird and wildlife photography. Now after this much time, I put myself as a learner and observer of birds in the field.

Is Photography Your Family Profession / Hobby ?

Photography is purely my hobby. I started with clicking different subjects and then I ended with only birds and animals. So now its only a hobby and I put myself in nature and enjoy every second nature gives me.


Which type of photography you liked the most ?

Most of the time I do bird photography only. While doing that, sometime I came up with clicking animals also. Then I liked flower photography also. They are part of nature. Also clicked many photos of insects like butterfly, dragonfly, housefly etc. In all I would say it is Nature Photography.

Your unforgettable photography experience or any story?

One day, I have gone to kanjari deer sanctuary situated in Mehsana district of Gujarat. this location is near to Thol by around 7 kms. I was clicking blackbucks and suddenly they all have started jumping in the air and I focused my camera on them and they were framed.

Then I looked on to the camera screen and felt happy that I clicked both these black bucks jumping in the air. I named that as “jumping japang”.

Then I submitted that photo to “Khushboo Gujarat ki” photo competition which was organized by praveg communication and Gujarat tourism on the occasion of “International Kite Festival 2014”. After 5 days of submission, I got a call around 3pm from an employee of “praveg”, saying that, congratulations Mr. Pratik, you won first prize in the competition worth rs. 51000 and you need to be present on 13th January to the venue to collect award. I couldn’t trust on my ears so I asked her that are you serious or just making fun out of me. She said yes you are the winner. That one click has changed my life totally. I called my family and gave them good news. They were happier than me because it was first award for me in the photography. Then I called my guru of photography Mr. Kalyan shah who is everything to me in the “photography”. Whatever I am today, it is because of him only. This is my story as a learner in photography.

black buck

A Word of advice for our amateur photographer.

In clickers, all the members are very passionate about their interest in photography. I am still a learner in this field. The only thing i want to say to every member is that, if you want to do photography in wildlife, first do feel yourself as a bird or a family of nature.

Put yourself in the place of a bird and try to avoid disturbing them and hurt them. Don’t harass them. I was also doing that thing unknowingly when i was not in this field.

Now feeling very sorry for that. Birds and nature are part of our lifecycle so never ever try to hurt them. Nature is a main part of human lifecycle so try to conserve nature. Make other people learn the conservation also.