Make Camera Shutter using Photoshop

Making camera shutter is a creative thing it self and here is the simple tutorial to make camera shutter using adobe Photoshop. Here we are going to learn making camera shutter vector image with Photoshop in a step by step tutorial.

camera shutter using photoshop

Step : 1

Open Photoshop ( I am using Photoshop CC ) and create new layer using ctrl+n key and select a square sized photo for this project ( Here I’ve used 1800 x 1800 pixel )

The Output will be like this.

1new layer photoshop

Step : 2

Make sure that you’ve selected black color in color palettes.

black color photoshop

Step : 3

Now we are going to take a round shape in the center of the new layer. You have to draw the round shape at the center of the layer otherwise it won’t work appropriately.

round shape photoshop

Step 4 :

Now create a new layer from the new layer option in the layer palette. Rename it as “Hexagon” because now we are going to draw a shape in this new layer. If you don’t make the new layer, It will merge both the shapes ( Ellipse & Hexagon ) into one.

So it is preferable to create a new layer and draw the shape in the same.

Step 5 :

Make sure that you’ve selected white color in color palettes.

Step 6 :

Now select the custom shape option and go to shape selection menu as shown in below screenshot. Scroll down the cursor to find out hexagon shape and select it.

3B-create new layerround shape photoshop
3B-name layer








hexagon shape photoshop

Step 7 :

Now we need to draw the hexagon at the center of the circle shape we’ve drawn above. If you’ve taken a layer of 1800 x 1800 pixel then you have to re size the hexagon with 900 x 900 pixel.

To re size the shape use ctrl+t key and change the position of x and y alignment.

hexagon shape photoshop

Step 8 :

Create a new layer named “lines”

lines photoshop

Step 9 :

Draw a line from the top corner of a hexagon and drag it to the top of the circle shape. Follow the instruction displayed in the below screenshot.

draw line photoshop

Step 10 :

We need to make the line look quite thick, so we are going to use blending option for this layer. Select the layer “lines” and right click on that layer, you’ll find the option named “Blending Options” at the top of the popup menu.

Select that menu and the following window will appear. change he settings as shown in the below screenshot.

[ strock > size=20 > color=whiete ]

strock photoshop

Step 11 :

Now keep the “lines” layer selected and copy the line using alt key. press alt key and then drag the line to bottom corner of the hexagon as shown in below screenshot. Continue copying the lines as shown in the second screenshot.

new line photoshop
new line photoshop






And Repeat The the above step to copy the lines on the every corner on hexagon. it will be look like this…

8 line

Final Output

camera shutter using photoshop

Article By : Bhavyesh Acharya