Beautiful mind can see the beauty of nature – Jayanta Deb

jayanta deb

Jayanta Deb is 25 years old Candid & Nature Photography enthusiast from Silchar , India

Your experience in Photography field.

At the beginning I used to do photography with my simple mobile camera and in fact I got a prize also in one of the photo which really boosted up my passion and then I went for a point and shoot camera which i borrowed from my friend and was taking it very seriously, after some days I went for my first DSLR the NIKON D3100 and after that i started studying online about many things of how to make my photography more better both with camera and post processing and still I’m learning it.

Is Photography your family Profession / Hobby?

My father was a very good artist and he too loved to take photos with those reel cameras and it’s a hobby and as well as passion for me. Photography is my life’s best gift i ever got from God.

Candid & Nature Photography 1

Which type of Photography you like the most?

I always like Landscape Photography, Candid and Street Photography.

Your unforgettable Photography experience or any special story.

Me and my friends went to Meghalaya tour on august 2012 for photography. It was just fun and was a great experience to learn many things from each other and while coming back to hotel, looking at each other’s photos and discussing on them. It was simply a best photo tour ever. It was not only a photo tour we got a great adventure in addition to that.

Candid & Nature Photography 2

Your own words about yourself & your passion.

I always like the colors of nature and always try to show my viewers the other side of nature’s beauty with my photography. I never mind to go anywhere if i know that i am going to have a good view of nature and will be able to capture it. I love to roam in different places and capture those moments and to meet new people at the same time.

Candid & Nature Photography 3

Tips and Suggestions to our members related to your subject.

I don’t think I am a great personality to give any one tip on photography. But yes I can say that try to be genuine from heart, which only can bring yourself into your passion because if you have a beautiful mind then you may see the beauty of nature and other things which other people cannot see and indeed this is the work of a photographer.

Candid & Nature Photography 4

What are your other interests?

Other than photography, in general i don’t like to do anything. But yes I like to read different books on technical stuffs and like to do programming on computers.