Bhumika Gupta

Bhumika Gupta's Interview With Clickers Art. Bhavnagar - India (Painter)

Bhumika is 24 years old freelance painter and an art student from Bhavnagar, India

Your experience in art field.

Currently, it is a hobby but I wish to become a professional.

Is it your family Profession/Hobby?

Currently  it is a hobby but I wish to become a professional.


Which type of subject you like the most?

My area of interest is Fine Art painting, water color portrait and landscape painting.

Your unforgettable experience or any special story.

How I came into this field is very interesting. Drawing was always a favorite hobby which I couldn’t pursue seriously. After completing my graduation in Delhi I had to shift to Bhavnagar to be with the family. Here I came in contact with my drawing guru whose guidance inspired me to become a professional. Today, when I look back I feel very lucky to have discovered my passion. Recently my very first painting got selected to be exhibited at the National Kalidas Painting and Sculpture Exhibition held at Ujjain which is a big boost.


Your own words about yourself and your passion.

I am a happy go lucky kind of a person who believes in her passion and fulfilling her dreams no matter what. What’s important is that we discover our aim in life and work towards achieving it. Art has become an important part of life in fact food for my soul. It gives me peace and happiness.

Tips and Suggestions to our members related to your subject.

I am no expert in this field. All I want to say is just believe in yourself, work hard and the world will be yours.


What are your other interests ?

When I paint I like listening to music which helps me concentrate maximum. Other than that I am interested in digital photography.