Bapsu Paul

Bapsu Paul's Interview With Clickers Art. New Delhi - India (Photographer)

Bapsu Paul is 30 years old freelance photographer from New Delhi , India and working as Assistant Manager with FICCI (Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

Your experience Photography field.

I am a photographer by passion and have been doing photography since my childhood days. At the age of 12 I got hold of my first camera which was a basic Kodak camera. Then started clicking with my mobile (I have done Mobile photography for many years till 2013).That time I used to capture my family members and few landscapes. In year 2008 I got my first Digital Camera which was Kodak Easyshare c140, which was gifted to me. I never used to edit my pictures until last year and after getting feedback from some of my friends started editing my clicks using software such as Photoshop, Photoscape, Picasa, etc. I bought a DSLR (Canon 1100D) in June 2013 and have been exploring other options in photography such as Zoom Burt, DOF photography etc. Whenever I find time from busy work schedule, I experiment with my camera which turns out to be a new learning for the day.

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Is Photography your family Profession / Hobby?

Photography is not a family profession. Actually my parents are nowhere near to photography. But I have seen my Maternal Uncle (Mama) who was a Photographer and a studio owner taking photographs. I have always been fascinated with the camera he used. I used to look at the other equipment he used to take portraits of the clients. Now I know that I have taken the inspiration from him only.

Which type of Photography you like the most?

I like to take photographs of every beautiful thing that I come across. But to be precise I love Architectural Photography (which helps in preserving the designs and history)

  • Landscape and Cityscape ( specially sunsets and sunrise)
  • Candid and Street Photography (Life is not the same the next moment so best expressions and moments should be captured)
  • Wild Life Specially Birds (one of the most beautiful creatures on earth- they should be captured in camera whenever possible)
  • Cultural Photography (Best part of Indian culture are the events that take place, may it be any Festival, Dance or a Wedding, I like it all.)


Your unforgettable Photography experience or any special story.

I still remember the day when I went for my first photo-walk. The day before the Photowalk I prepared myself with all type of questions (at the same time I was thinking what will happen if I ask any stupid question). I did not have any Idea on what Photowalks are? Then came the day of the Photowalk, I was there half an hour earlier then the scheduled time. That day I came to know the use of Manual function (before that day I was more comfortable with the AUTO functions). I interacted with many photographers there and have learnt many functions of DSLR. That day I learnt many functions of DSLR. It felt great to meet all the photographers sharing same crazy passion for photography.

Your own words about yourself & your passion.

I always had an eye for the beauty in the surrounding. I spent my childhood in Arunachal Pradesh in a valley where river used to flow half a km from my house and surrounded by four mountains, a beauty in its own. That time I was not having any camera so I tried to capture the beauty on my paintings but all in-vain as I was not good at painting. The day I got my first camera I was so happy that I wasted some 3- 4 rolls in clicking everyone and everything beautiful possible. Only one roll of that lot was actually printed. My father scolded me after looking at the prints as most of the pictures printed were of cats, dogs, cows, the mountains, and the rocks which he did not like. As I grew older, I clicked with my mobile or any camera but never realized my inherent passion about photography. Facebook has played a vital role in helping me understand my passion for it. The praises and likes for my clicks encouraged me to click more. Now I try to go out for Photography on every weekend.


Tips and suggestions for our members related to your subject.

Photography is 40% of what you click and rest 60% is how you represent. The representation includes

1. Editing of the photo such as basic color correction, level, brightness, contrast etc. and

2. The theme or massage of the photo.

Try different editing methods of the picture and this may lead you to different perspective of the picture.

What Are Your Other Interests ?

I love Cooking and travelling to new places.