Dhiraj Amritraj

Dhiraj Amritraj's Interview With Clickers Art. Mumbai - India (Photographer)

Dhiraj Amritraj is 25 years old freelance photographer from Mumbai, India and making a little money just to get their photography needs done by working in TCS as an Application Designer and developer.

Your experience in photography field.

It’s been around 3 years since I started this. I have purchased Canon IXUS 105 back then; from money earned from my freelancing while I was pursuing my B.Tech. My rebel (That is what I call my camera) is around 1.8 years old. I have done a shoot for “Diesel’s” spring summer’13 collection. It’s my hobby or passion is a better word. It’s something which makes me go deep in those forests to get that awesome looking nature captured. It’s something which make me face those roaring waves of Arabian sea to click that beautiful Sun…painting the giant sea…GOLDEN!!


Which type of Photography you like the most?

I Love Abstract Photography, portraits and nature too.

Your own words about yourself and your passion.

I have a weakness that I am aware of and it’s like, I get interested in a certain thing and get involved in it too deeply that I forget every other thing in my life. But then, that interest changed in a course of time. I just don’t want to let go off this interest of mine (photography).


Tips and Suggestions to our members related to your subject.

Though I am not that good photographer, I just want to say that buying a costly camera and thinking it’s done, you’ll now be able to click awesome frames then it’s just not true. Yes, I accept pictures captured with Canon 5D Mark III will be far better than that captured from a Canon 1100D but just technically. The real beauty of a picture is in the composition.


What Are Your Other Interests ?

Creative Designing, specially web interfaces.