Indian Mongoose – Bhavya Joshi

Indian Mongoose

 Mr. Bhavya Joshi is freelance photographer, Living in Rajkot, Gujarat. He is sharing is experience about his photograph of Indian Mongoose .

Indian Grey Mongoose. Herpestes edwardsii-  It was a Christmas day 2011 and I was going Khadir bet, Kutch to see flamingos. (Khadir Island, located at Kutch in Gujarat,India. Around 224 KM from Rajkot,Gujarat.

Indian Mongoose

In between I notice that two baby Mongoose, running here and there in open atmosphere and making Calls.I think they were looking for their mother.They were looking very lonely,disturb.But, what I was thinking is mother mongoose will never leave their babies in open atmosphere. Though there was broken nest near concrete column, but it was not looking like a nest. Mongoose likes to live in termite nest or den that dig itself and this one was open from all side.

I waited an hour to see whether his mother coming back or not, but nothing happened. So, I didn’t know whether their mother left or went for hunting, but I was wishing that their mother comes back. Otherwise I think these Cubs will not see next morning because many hunter inhabited there.

Clickers Art appreciates Mr. Bhavya’s efforts for taking this photograph and sharing with us.