Ganeshwarr temple (Diu-Gujarat)

Ganeshwarr temple Gujarat (Diu)

Ganeshwarr temple and beach. It is a rocky beach. People come here to worship the 5 small shivlings which are somewhat downward under one rock. Ganeshwarr temple Gujarat is a belief that during VANVAAS the Pandavas came here…so there are 5 shivlings.


Ganeshwarr temple Gujarat


The intresting thing comes now. After worshiping come upside…you will see huge open ground in front of your eyes. Far from that you can see hilly rocks . Go there. You will see marvellous view of sea waves clashing on the rocks.

Now… these hills are divided in upper and lower segments..there is a small narrow way to go in lower segment which is a half circle shaped….this half circle place will solitarate you from d outer world…A quite …beautiful place…


Ganeshwarr temple Gujarat


Tips :

Wear sports shoes as the land is rocky….

The upper segment is a place where new AGNEEPATH was shot…

The whole MAANDVA was created here..


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