Fireworks Photography tutorial

The fireworks photography tutorial for beginners is focused to get some ideas on clicking amazing firework photographs this Diwali. An intermediate guide to photograph fireworks including required gadgets and additional precautions.

This tutorial will help you to click fireworks photographs on the diwali festival. Go through this article to know more and grab your firework shots with technical knowledge.

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Required Stuff

Well, As you all know… A DSLR is required to click fireworks photography. Another must thing is tripod, without tripod you won’t be able to get steady and sharp shots. A external flash is not required but you can use it to add external light to your photograph if you are shooting any human object. ( I am not using flash here )

Where to shoot ?

You have to select an open space area to click fireworks because you need to work in sky to capture fireworks lighting. Plus choose an area where you can get much more fireworks to click. It will increase your chance to click an amazing shots.

To click eye level photos of fireworks, you have to choose any building and go to its top.  you’ll have a extreme shots by doing this.

How to focus ?

Focusing in dark area to click fireworks is quite tricky technique. You have two options…

You can focus on any object where light source is available and then click fireworks without changing the focus ring. So, once you focused you need to change focus to manual focus otherwise it will refocus the object while clicking.

Permanent solution : In some morning time, take your camera and focus the lens in sky. This technique called “Infinite Focusing” once it focused properly, put a mark on your lens with marker (mark focus ring and zooming ring). Now while clicking on dark area just match both of the marks and your focus is now set as infinite.

Taking Shots

Once all setup done, you are now ready click photographs through your camera. Usually fireworks are so much colorful. So all you have to do is just shoot without making change in white balance and all.

Once you’ll click photograph of fireworks, you’ll get ideas automatically.  Here Is the EXIF data and the photograph. You may get ideas after reviewing the exif data.


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Using Long Exposure

Long exposure is the awesome technique to get softer and smoother lighting effects. You can also apply this on the road to get the picture of traffic in motion lights and fireworks as well. Keep in mind that while using long exposure you must decrease the ISO level at lowest point. otherwise it will add too much light and grain.

For clicking with long exposure, I prefer Manual Mode. because it provide you to use functionalists efficiently. In manual mode you can manually adjust exposure, ISO and aperture values. Keep in mind that high ISO will involve high amount of light and Lover aperture will also involve high amount of light.

You must adjust all these (exposure, iso & aperture) settings accordingly. Here in following photograph I’ve chose top floor of a building that I can click fireworks and traffic lights as well using Long Exposure.

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Exposure : 10sec | ISO : 100 | Aperture : f/20

Adding human element

In fireworks photography you can try some new things instead of clicking only fireworks lighting. You can involve some human elements to your photograph. It will make your photograph telling a story.

Adding human element is little tough thing because we have to manage the lighting of firework and human element. You can use external flash to increase the quality of your photograph.

While adding human element to your photograph you need to know basic about composition rules. You can achieve a good result if you follow rule of thirds while clicking the photograph. Here in this photograph I’ve used Rule of thirds but did not used external flash or any other light source.


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You can apply all your creativity and Ideas while shooting fireworks. Its all about spending time with the object and you’ll have a huge collection of good photographs. You can make time lapse of the fireworks and add traffic lights as well. You can use blurred fireworks photograph by out focusing the object.

Experimenting is the key. Try new things and find out more.

Blurred Photograph by out focusing the object.
Blurred Photograph by out focusing the object.


We cant predict where the fireworks will fire. So keep some precautions in mind.

Use a safe place to shoot.

Wear shoes and cap (recommended)

Protect your camera from fumes.

Carry a torch with you if you are shooting in very dark place.

Article By : Bhavyesh Acharya


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