Common Composition Mistakes

This is one of the most common composition mistakes I have seen from many photographers. During the jungle safari when you see a subject you immediately ask the driver to stop and start shooting. Don’t do that.

In the top image, that is what happened and you see the trees in the background which is just behind the deer and the viewing impact is lost. This issue happens as most of the photographers are viewing only the subject through the view finder and not the background.

common composition mistakes

While driving in the vehicle, when you see a subject you need to visualise the composition which has the best visual impact and check the background/foreground to see if there are any distractions which may spoil the image. In the below image, all we did was ask the driver to move a bit forward so that we get a clear background. The Spotted Deer was at the same place but we moved a bit forward and got a pleasing background as our shooting angle was now different.

Keep in mind – Your shooting angle is very important when you make your composition. The background makes or breaks your image.

Since the camera cannot handle the dynamic range in the image (spotted deer in bright sunlight and the background is in shadows) I exposed for the spotted deer and hence the background has gone dark. It is not photoshopped.

Canon 1DX + Canon EF 400mm f2.8 L IS II, ISO 400, f2.8 @ 1/6400, Evaluative Metering -1 1/3, Aperture Priority, WB at 4500K.

Article by : Sudhir Shivram


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