Candle Light – Mitesh Routray

A Photo Story Of Candle Light

Mr.Mitesh Routray is a freelance photographer, Living in Delhi,India. He is sharing his experience of Candle Light Photostory.

While gossiping in the evening time my phone beeped. It was a text message from my friend Saswat, a student of Delhi University inviting me for his college fest. I inquired for any photography event, he informed that the last date is today.

Candle Light Photostory

Time slot for submitting entries was supposed to closed at 12 AM. It was 11:00 PM and when the current went off. My friend told me to light the candle, we were more of interested in the candles because we have bought them from Nainital recently. After lighting it my eyes got stuck and my camera clicked the attached picture. I mailed this photograph and got 3rd prize.

Clickers Art appreciates Mr. Mitesh’s efforts for taking this photograph and sharing with us.