Watch out GoPro, Nikon is here with its first Action camera – Nikon KeyMission

Nikon KeyMission 360.

Nikon KeyMission 360.

Nikon surprises us with its entry in action camera segment, the KeyMission360 yesterday at CES2016, LAS-VEGAS. A tiny, cube-like camera is capable of shooting true 360 degree photos and videos at 4K resolution and allows us to experience the world of imaginary like never before. It is also toughened up like many others in the market with drop proofing of 6.6 rating and waterproofing to 100 feet under-water. It’s Nikon KeyMission 360.


This camera houses an in-built image stabilizer for vibration reduction purpose (which can be enabled using an app) and an image sensor with lens around. KeyMission360 also has in-built Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC facilities. The imaging giant has not revealed the price at the current moment. However we can expect this tiny little master to strike the market in Summer-2016.

Here are some of the videos recorded by KeyMission360, uploaded by Nikon on its official YouTube channel. Just move your cursor any side and have a look at the 360 vision.

Article By : Vivek Maru


Best Royalty Free Photos Of 2015

Tens of Thousands of photos gets clicked every year and some of them are incredibly amazing. Some clicked with a perspective in photographer’s mind and rest becomes the so called Stock Images. The probability that you might have not seen the best stock photographs is high enough. The year is coming to an end and here we are, presenting some of the best Stock photographs of 2015. Additionally these photographs are royalty free so whola !! You can use this royalty free photos anywhere anytime. We’ve searched these best royalty free photos from 2015.

royalty free photo

Reflection photography at another level

Peter Adams-Shawn is a professional wedding photographer who have taken reflection photography to another level. Here are few examples of his excellent work.

Can you see a young flower girl watching the bride do her hair? have a close look. 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

How about son watching his mom and daddy get married?

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

Self taught photographer Peter Adams-Shawn’s “eye reflection wedding photos” are so unbelievable that professional photographers thought he used Photoshop. 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

But his photos are 100% real and not composite. 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

Bride looks at her dress 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

Groom looks at his bride 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

Bride looks at the guests of her wedding 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

A father looks on as his daughter and wife have a moment before leaving for the ceremony. 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

The bride’s view of all the guests at the wedding.

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

The bride getting ready as seen through the eyes of one of her bridesmaids. 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

The bride blows a kiss to the groom.

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

His next reflection project? “Bubblescapes” and something tells me it’s not getting to disappoint. 

Reflection photography - Peter Adams-Shawn

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11 things a beginner photographer should take care about.

These photography tips you should know about, if you are a beginner photographer.

Object Centric Click.

First of all, figure out that where is the object you want to capture and then click it in the best possible way that it will look nice. Don’t go haphazardly.

Solution: Use Single Point Focusing method to capture a focused object.

Know the Scene.

Get to know whether you want to take a landscape or a portrait photo. Because horizontal objects don’t go fine with a vertical click.

Photography tips

Know what to focus.

Once in a while it might have happened to every person with a DSLR that they tried to capture one object and ended up with focusing on the other one.

Basically you need to be clear about SPF (Single point focusing) or MPF (Multi points focusing) methods.

If you want to focus on a single object or a small region then you should use SPF method else you can use MPF method.

Use The Right Tools.

It’s not just the camera that clicks a perfect photo, you need to use proper tools sometimes along with the camera.

Use wide angle lens for the Objects that are nearer to you(e.g. 18-55mm)

Use tripod when you want to click a star trail or any slow shutter speed photos.

Choose the Right Mode.

Get to know about each modes that are given in your DSLR. (AV, P, TV, landscape etc.)

Use each mode by yourself.

Figure out that which mode is used in which situations.

G.: When you don’t know about the Scene or which mode should be used, you can use Programming (P) mode. It will automatically set the ISO and Aperture values as per the scenes.

Photography tips

Lights may lead you.

Get used to deal with the lights.

Click the photo when the light is getting applied on the object if you don’t want to darken the capture. Vice versa when you want to click a silhouette. Learn how to photograph fireworks.


1/3rd rule of frame.

It’s a rule to capture a photo in which the object you want to click should be portrayed in the third part of the frame. These are the common composition mistakes you should know.


Shutter speed and F-stop/Aperture (manual mode).

Shutter speed is indirectly proportional to the Aperture value.

If you are increasing the shutter speed then you will have to decrease the Aperture value.

g.: if you open up 3 stops like from f/16 to f/5.6 then you will have to increase the shutter speed t 3 stops like from 1/15 to 1/125.

Photography tips

ISO Sensitivity.

ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light.

When there is plenty of light, you should always use the lowest ISO, to retain the most detail and to have the highest image quality.

You should increase the ISO when there is not enough light for the camera to be able to quickly capture an image.

Try to avoid using Auto Mode.

Using an auto mode will make you feel that you’re capturing all the photos well. But once you will get out of using auto mode, you will get to know that there are plenty of things that you can do with your camera.

Photography tips

“Don’t be a wannabe ”

Well, don’t capture a selfie in the mirror holding your camera, that won’t define you as a photographer.

Photographers don’t click a photograph, They make one…

Article by :  Bhagyoday Lashkari


Pulse – Your Camera, Upgraded

Pulse – the most powerful way to control your camera from your smartphone.

pulse - your camera, upgraded

Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is not a new phenomenon now days. There are plenty of DSLRs in market that comes with this functionality. The question is, Are they really useful and up to the mark? Battery draining, short distance range, dedicated network issues. Nope, they are not helping.

Pulse from Alpine Labs is here to amaze you with all the advantages you were seeking in a remotely connected DSLR application. The new Pulse control plugs into USB port of your DSLR and gives full control over the camera. A dedicated iOS and android application makes the task way easy. This device supports number of Canon and Nikon cameras.


The connector looks pretty slick with flat rectangle and rounded corner design. The blue strip around the device makes it more attractive. The device uses Bluetooth LE technology to connect to iOS and android devices which provided operation range of 100 feet.

Once plugged in, the device is much like a high end remote control that allows you to control ISO, shutter speed, aperture settings. Additionally device allows you to preview taken photos so that you can have a track of what is happening in front of camera. Pretty handy feature I say!!

In addition, Pulse allows you to start and stop video from app itself. Also it triggers camera at certain interval for time-laps shooting. Advanced time-lapse options include controls like exposure ramping to adjust ISO and shutter speed when capturing day-to-night transitions.


The app can control 3 cameras at a time for multi-angle shooting. Design and UI of the app looks prettyvcool and informative. At this time, Pulse can support 60 Canon and Nikon Cameras listed in FAQ section of Kick starter.

Have a look at the Kickstarter video of Pulse.

Source: Kickstarter –  Alpine Labs

Article By : Vivek Maru


Clickotsav 2014 – Photography Exhibition

Clickotsav 2014

Clickotsav was the first offline exhibition organized by Clickers Art. More than 60 photographs were exhibited and more than 20 participants had participated. It was the first state level photography exhibition inaugurated by Mr.Amit Mehta (General Manager – Excel Crop Care ltd.) Our judges were well known photographers Mr.Amul Parmar and Mr.Pravinsinh Chauhan.

Photography Exhibition inauguration

We are glad to announce that ClickersArt is the first community who has taken an initiative to feature photographer from any state and city to explore their talent. Our Chief Guest Mr.Rameshchandra Rathod (Professional Painter) said that, “You guys are upgrading the level of art”

We are thankful to all the participants for their continues support and appreciation. You can check out photo gallery and winning clicks below.

Photowalk, New port – Bhavnagar

First Photowalk of Clickers Art (New porbt – Bhavnagar)

We have always wanted to have a group of people who shares the same passion and interest with which we can start some interactive walks. This was the first of its kind social photography event in Bhavnagar,Gujarat where photographers get together to walk around, shoot photos, and have fun with other photographers. It was our first Photowalk, New port – Bhavnagar .

Photowalk, New port - Bhavnagar

Photographic session, malnath

Photographic session (Malnath – Bhavnagar)

We have taken an initiation to organize a Photowalk on weekends aiming to capture and document Nature, Landscapes , Wild Life and specific events of interest to photography.

Photographic session malnath

Fun fact : This walk was supposed to be led by two experienced photographers from Gujarat but unfortunately at the very previous night, Both of them fell ill. Finally we decided to led it ourselves and turned it into a photographic session but at the end, It was a fun one !!

One day Photowalk – Shihor

One day Photowalk (Shihor-Bhavnagar)

It was a very unique experience for all of us. We had a lot of fun with all the members who attended this walk. We’ve walked almost all the inside areas of town and captured many moments. While climbing up to SAAT SHERI many of us were faced the issued of Dehydration, but it was fun facing that.

Photography Session At Shihor, Bhavnagar.
Some members were really very amazed by attending this trip as they never lived without air conditions, car, etc. All of them were so much tired, even we had some Deshi kind of food as well.