Warm welcome to Clickers Art Community !!

Basically “Clickers” was formed in 2011 as “Bhavnagar Clickers” to collect photography enthusiastic and like minded photography lovers. By which we were intending to learn and share the art of photography in the best possible way. With this goal of learning and sharing, we succeeded quite well with time.

After a though hit the mind that why only Bhavnagar, If we want to learn we will learn from the best source available around the globe and that’s how “Clickers” got its first brick. We tried our level best to explore photography as the ultimate form of art with combinations of technology, digitization and vision.

With time, we got a thought that why don’t we explore some other forms of art other than photography and we decided to come up with the concept of “Clickers Art” in year 2014.With this title, we are aiming to be the best online platform for new and emerging photographers as well as for the people who wants to shine but are still the black Coal with their skills in arts.

Exploring the art within is what “Clickers Art”. We always believed that art should be there within the soul of a person and so we never put any fees, age or equipment barrier to join us. The idea of “Clickers Art” kept on improving with the thoughts of both the founders to make this a platform for the people like them who had decided to peruse Photography and Arts as hobby.

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